We are very excited and happy to share with you this wonderful news: We created this group “Friends of Saint Walburge’s” for everyone who is interested ( passionate! ) about our Shrine Church!

Everyone who is interested in the spiritual life, history, ecclesial art, architecture or music of the church is encouraged to support us by joining the Friends. The Friends are a group of like-minded individuals whose focus aresupporting the Shrine Church.

Friends of SW aims are to support the church’s main purpose as a place of worship, to promote and enhance the church’s spiritual mission, to raise the profile of the church, to support church’s activities, to help fund specific projects to conserve and restore the church in addition to help the church preserve its past and inspire future generations. Friends of St. Walburge’s can be anyone including local parishioners, volunteer groups, group organisations, businesses, sightseers, ecclesial art and architectural admirers of our Shrine.

Our members support the Shrine Church by volunteering their time, enthusiasm and expertise in a variety of ways, ranging from conducting guided tours to fundraising and many more. 

As well as directly contributing to the work of the Shrine church, there are a number of other benefits to joining the Friends• The Friends’ Newsletter published twice a year.• Advance notice and priority booking for all Friends’ events including a free tour of the church.• Invitations to special events, retreats, outings and social gatherings

How do I become a Friend?

By completing the application form.

The application form can also be obtained from the Canons at St. Walburge’s Presbytery. Please call us on 07778506832 or send an email to stwalburgesevents@gmail.com


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