Today 6pm, Holy Rosary in union with His Eminence Cardinal Burke for the intentions of Holy Mother Church.

1st September 2019
Dear Friends of Saint Walburge’s and English Martyrs Church!
Thank you for your prayers during the annual Institute Chapter Meeting, they were of great benefit to us and the other canons.  This week is an expression of our canonical life centered on the liturgy. It includes daily assistance at a Solemn Mass, after the privates Masses, but also spiritual conferences as well as catching up with old confreres.There is good news for the Institute, particularly our community here in England .  I would like to thank all those who prayed for this intention last week. You will soon be informed of some of our developments.
Today at 6 pm, please remember to recite at home or with us at Saint Walburge’s your Holy Rosary in union with the members of the Institute of Christ the King.  The Prior General of the Institute, Monsignor Wach, has encouraged us to do this on the first day of each month in union with His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke for the protection of the Holy Catholic Church. Please feel to include your own special intentions as well. Friday, the first of the month :
6pm Adoration, Confession, Litanies of the Sacred Heart and Benediction.
7pm Holy Mass of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
Please remember that you can now acquire our new Latin – English Mass Booklet.This ‘Latin – English Mass Booklet’ is a much appreciated aid to the faithful for prayerfully assisting at Holy Mass celebrated in the Extraordinary Form.
It is 100 coloured pages with solid binding that includes the ordinary of the Mass, seven musical versions of Gregorian Chant according to the liturgical time, three Credo,  directions for confession and a programme for Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.A copy is available at the back of the church
(£8 ) website: website:
Statue of Saint Michael Archangel at Saint Walburge’s Presbytery

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